the 'with love' heart

This is a passion project for me. In my teaching role, I would see it again and again; children with aching little hearts when they were without their grown up. Now years later as a mama myself, I’m hearing these same stories and still lending my thoughts - but this time I can offer a little magic too.

Being away from someone you love is hard, especially for children.

To use this special item, talk with your child about how they feel when you’re apart and let them know that it’s hard for you too. Then, “charge” the plushy velvet heart with love and happiness while you’re together. Place the heart in it’s personalized, protective, cotton drawstring bag and put it in a special place that is easily reachable for your child. That way, when you aren’t with one another, it will remind your little one of the invisible thread that connects you.

Each heart comes with a card that details what it is, has thorough instructions on how to use it and thoughtful ideas about how to “charge” it - making it a sweet gift. Use this very special heart to show your little one how they are loved and missed when you cannot be together.

These are a great tool to use for children who are having big feelings about returning to school/programs, spending time away from loved ones or even having trouble staying in their beds at night.

It’s sure to comfort your child the same way you would sign a sweetly written letter...

'With love,'