The Secret Kingdom of Children

magical musings

When children have the freedom to imagine - the wildflowers in their minds begin to bloom and the iron gates of a secret garden appear, whispering for them to come closer. Their delighted hands reach out, unlocking the gate with a familiar, heavy clink and a sprinkle of fairy dust begins to carry on the wind. There is magic here and their next adventure is about to begin.

The child passes through the gate, excitement in their little feet, padding across clovers and blades of dewy grass. This earthy footpath is welcoming and familiar. Lullabies that fell on their sweet ears when they were only days old can be heard from songbirds on twisting branches above.

There are trees reaching higher than the blue skies with their sleepy, leafy stretches; the busy humming sounds of a cool brook, in friendly competition with the wild song of the honeybees; a field of tall reeds, swaying in gentle rhythm with the warm afternoon breeze. Magic happens here. It’s born in this place. In the calm of the mind, a seed is planted and covered with black soil by tiny hands.

The newly sprouting seedling is carefully tended to by the things that help children most - the spark when little fingers push into paint or dirt; the inspiration when placing a fabric crown upon one’s head; the pride while helping do the ‘big’ jobs, the sweetness of being held close by their grown up.

It grows and grows. The seedling finally reaches with all it’s might - the warm sun kissing it’s face, encouraging it to evolve. Velvety flowers begin to unfurl; little wishes written on each soft petal. This happens over and over again. The garden continues to fill with these magical flowers that have worked so hard to be there. It may seem crowded, but there is always room for the child to roam. Always room to be their true self and to imagine.

This secret garden is a big, deep breath in a world full of chaos. It’s a place for the child to feel safe and turn their wildest dreams into reality. A kingdom all their own; a haven within the bones that keep them together.

This place is just a fever dream to you and I. But this garden, this wonderful world of making magic, is within every child. I promise.


Written by Jess Harvey

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