Moon Phases & Fields of Wildflowers

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Peeking back into the small business world is strange after taking some time away. The chase is absolutely endless in here.

I’ve been taking some time to figure out my next business ventures, decisions and possibilities. Aligning some of my personal philanthropic goals with wylde + whim and using this brand as a tool to do some good. I’ve also been focusing on my family and my mamahood. All while remembering I’m a human that needs to come up for air occasionally.

Over the years I’ve come to learn that I live in phases; much like the moon.

I’m currently in my reflective phase - a quiet, thinking phase. It’s a slow burn that I’ve come to respect because it’s my body telling me that I’m going too fast again. This reflective phase is where inspiration is cultivated and the brightest of my ideas are born. Like a little seed in the soil, eager but patiently waiting for it’s time to face the sun; soft petals unfurling in the warmth. It’s clarifying and it’s badass.

This phase is also an integral component of this business. It allows me to feel recharged and sets the tone for how I act and react in my life. When this phase naturally ends, I always feel more centred and ready for the impending creativity surge it’s been fuelling. I’ve learned to be very careful not to rush its duration. I’ve become increasingly more respectful of myself by understanding that I can’t chase ideas and they certainly don’t come when they’re called. Instead, they will faithfully materialize from the pockets of rest I allowed myself during this important phase.

I am not a factory.
I am a field of wildflowers.

I hope you’re all feeling well in your heads and hearts, my friends. Be gentle with yourselves. Take a break. You surely have phases too.


Written by Jess Harvey

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