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Some ways I (PERSONALLY) keep my creativity fresh!

1. I don’t follow accounts that make items *extremely* similar to mine - seeing these accounts can make it difficult for me to envision a clear path for my own business. It’s not about not supporting others, it’s about keeping my mental health a priority and steering clear of things that I know will cloud my mind. I’ll be over here; you be over there. We both have green grass.

2. I don’t research similar things when I think of a product (IG, Pinterest, Google, etc). I just make what comes into my head. This way I can control what sources I may be taking “inspiration” from - it’s important to remember that sometimes we copy others without even remembering we saw their work! No one is perfect, but this is how I combat this particular issue.

3. I schedule periods of rest, take nights “off” and dont let my kryptonite’s become an issue - me and chocolate just chill amicably instead. These pauses allow me to recharge and remember I’m alive. This is usually when my biggest and brightest ideas come through.

4. I seek mentors and create impactful friendships within my handmade community. I know I have a safe place when things get rocky and I’m a soft landing for others too. I’m inspired by others’ passion for their work and they keep me on my grind by showcasing their realness. We are STRONG together!

5. I love and believe in myself! I’m awesome! I make magic! I try to remind myself that no matter where this thing takes me, it’ll all be alright.


Written by Jess Harvey

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