Featured: The 'Max' Storybook Crown

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The ‘Max’ Storybook Crown

Muted gold shimmer, tri-coloured faux fur, comfortable cotton ties... this is the real deal, everyone.

The kind of crown that whispers ‘Pleeease can we go on one more adventure?” from the shelf it calls home.

The kind that sparks whimsy and evokes the wild within brave little bodies made of magic.

The one that rests softly on the hair of big thinkers; guiding them to the haven that is their own imagination.

Ahhh, to be the crown that rides the ebbing wave of wonder atop a child’s head.

To wander together, excitement building as bare little feet pad across soft earth.

To have a front row seat to the kaleidoscope of life that those ever-hungry eyes take in... must be very sweet, indeed.


Written by Jess Harvey

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