Giving Back - The 'Harper' Darling Tiara

The ‘Harper’ Darling Tiaras + Crowns =

♡ Helping fund further research for Spinal Muscular Atrophy
♡ Working toward finding a cure for SMA
♡ Honouring the life of a beautiful little boy named Lewiston @loveforlewiston
♡ Sparking positivity within parents of/children with SMA
♡ Spreading awareness and understanding of SMA

Oh and,
♡ A cute tiara or crown for you to love and cherish in your home forever

Full transparency:
I hand picked this rose gold fabric for this give-back item because I knew people would go bananas for it. Rose gold is not only adorable... it’s also very trendy. There was a motive behind this fabric. It means that a LOT of them get ordered and as a result, I can frequently donate sizeable amounts of money to the amazing foundation that is @loveforlewiston

Using my brand as a tool to positively impact the SMA community is a dream. I’m beyond honoured to know and build relationships with families like @myhero.harper @reignjosiah @lifeforlucy_

So thank you to everyone who orders ‘Harper’s - whether you do it simply because it’s a cute tiara or because it has a deeper meaning - THANK YOU!

The proof is in the rose gold pudding here, folx.

10% of all sales from ‘Harper’ items are donated to Love For Lewiston, a foundation raising money for further research and finding a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.


Written by Jess Harvey

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