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The ‘Joy’ Daydreamer Crown

As a crown maker, I’m often faced with comments like, “Oh, if only I had a girl...” or “These are perfect for girls but not really for boys”.

I will always respond to these comments with firm opposition. Magic is for everyone. Everything is for everyone.✊🏻

My booth at @thecollectivemarkets last year was in a spot where people would see me on their way into the market and again on the way out. I’d see folx walking by my crowns, clutching the small hands of their children, audibly saying things like the above comments and continuing to walk further down the line of vendors.

That’s fine, I’m not for everybody! The thing that caught my attention most were the hidden, wandering little eyes that came from children who wore t-shirts with excavators on them. The ones who ate Spider-Man popsicles and had scrapes on their knees. The ones whose adults dismissed that this could be something for them, too.

I’m here to tell you that magic lies within all creatures. You can bet your bottom dollar on whose hungry little eyes were glued to my booth on the way back out of the market, too. 

There are no colours that belong to girls, there are no play things that belong to boys. Dressing up encourages critical thinking skills, dancing strengthens muscles, caring for baby dolls sparks empathy - these experiences blaze a pathway that anxious little feet pad across with happiness and heart. There should not be any constraints on imagination and the value that materials can add to a child’s brain development.

I made this rainbow crown with children like @bossbabybrody in mind, who have been encouraged to be themselves because that is the most unabashedly beautiful thing to be. It’s not about being an ally, its about being a good human.

Whether you are 2SLGBTQIA+ or just love this business, know that this is a space where you can be yourself, always.
Be yourself, be joyful and be PROUD.
It’s the closest thing to real magic I can think of.


Written by Jess Harvey

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