Do You Believe In Magic?

magical musings

Children have the ability to truly believe their wildest dreams. It’s a beautiful thing; to be so vulnerable and resilient at the same time. To feel in your bones that the world is full of whimsical things.

As adults, we often lose this sense of wonder - but everything in life can be magical, if you let it.

The rush of water from the faucet as a bath begins may become the sounds of the sea; mermaids with shining scales just beneath the surface and swirls of foamy white bubbles.

The beat of your heart may become a melody; a song sung in the woods by boots on soft earth.

A handful of dirt isn’t just that. It’s a little world, teeming with life - an entire ecosystem with millions of life forms, all working together to keep thriving in the palm of your hand.

Even a casual blink can hit different if you let it; where do we go in that fleeting moment when our eyes are at rest?

A child’s world is much like our own.
But they see the twinkles; the best parts.
The parts that we’ve forgotten over time.

It’s the littlest things that have the biggest magic.


Written by Jess Harvey

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